Just A Small Ache.

My friends bailed on me today. All of them. 4 hours ago, they were exchanging laughs with me, now nothing. Not even answering mobile calls. Why do I have to go out with them if so? I can use my time on better things and to be honest I found people who inspire me to […]

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The Moonlight Sonata

I can’t help but listen to this symphony. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, and the flourished ballrooms, the lively dances and the lingering question of does he love me or does he not. Sometimes, I like to imagine the music as a person before I go to sleep. Every tune discribes the activity […]

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Friendship Variations

A friend is someone who drives you into crazyland. A friend is someone who wouldn’t tell you the sensible reason when you’re vigorously complaining about your Mom. A friend is someone who would call you as often as you call them, and would get worried if you abruptly stop your usual contact with them. A […]

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Blame’s on You.

You and the whole world might think little brats like us are the cause of destruction but the truth is your lame, typical goals are the reason why we can’t advance as a nation. A whole generation wouldn’t have dumped real life and decided to rely on technology because the generation wants to be so… […]

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No use.

The smallest acts of rejections and the shortest sentences of plain complimentary can twist our life. Especially, when the person rejecting is close enough to wound, and the person complimenting is strange enough to kindle hope. And I personally deeply thank the latter, him/her who aim to build my confidence, who believe in me way […]

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Maps and Pasts

As times passes, it is very hard to remember who you were 2 years ago, especially when you’re growing up to the world. The hazy image of what you did and why you did it only frustrates your brain, and thus, you decide to ignore the past and move on. It is really one of […]

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My Inspirational Teacher

I don’t know what to write and it creeps me out, because I don’t want to lose the appeal to write more. I am too scared my words won’t fit together, and my ideas will scatter. I am too scared to hear any more self-esteem destructing comments, as I am used to those. My English […]

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