Sometimes, in the middle of the struggles life forces on us, we lose track of what really matters. I’m not talking about love here, nor friendship, nor dreams. I am talking about climbing the ladder. Becoming better. Prospering. We have forgotten that every step we take makes us better, perhaps even if it does not lean towards our life goals. Every little information or skill we capture makes us greater and that’s what really matters, because at the end, we’ll be having no one and no thing but our selves and our knowledge of this world. Whatever comes after, it might be just our cells stop respiring, but it might be something bigger, and whatever it is, it needs strength, and knowledge, and skill, because then or now we need to be able to handle the situation, whatsoever it may be, and we can’t do so if our steps don’t wander here and there occasionally, and if our curiosity and determination don’t kick in every now and every then.

There always will be a number following. A number calling; because after six, there’s seven, and after a billion, there’s a billion and one.


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