Refracted Words

In this world we live in, when an orator speaks something, the laws of physics apply. As his word pass from one medium to another, they lean away from the truth, catching some thrill, fantasy, drama and any source of creativity the human mind come up with. Thus, when we hear something about someone, we are not to take it for granted, because that image is virtual, and if we want to see the real one, we ought to look at it from its source. Otherwise we would be determining a verdict based on the imagination of pretty minds, and in that case the verdict has no ending, and is infinite just like the thoughts its investors.

I hope this isn’t messed up, and is a ‘pingback’ to Daily Post. I’m finding some difficulty using wordpress. How to join such challenges? Should I always post photographs? Thanks for whoever followed me, you really did boast my esteem πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Refracted Words

  1. Bravo! Carl Sagan would be proud. Photographs are not ALWAYS necessary. It is what you feel like contributing that matters. Your words might paint a better picture than a whole slew of photos could ever do. Keep on posting. πŸ™‚


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