Maps and Pasts

As times passes, it is very hard to remember who you were 2 years ago, especially when you’re growing up to the world. The hazy image of what you did and why you did it only frustrates your brain, and thus, you decide to ignore the past and move on. It is really one of the most repeated advice the world has ever spoken: move on. In stead of taking a picture of the room around us, and the damage we caused it, we decide to walk out the door, down the corridor, into another room with other walls and other windows, and gradually the memory of the former room creeps away from our conscious.

Sometimes forgetting the past is healthy, but we still need to keep track of our path. How many doors have we passed and how many steps did we take? This is our map to the world; if we lose it, we lose the path, and thus we get stuck in our darkest sides.


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