No use.

The smallest acts of rejections and the shortest sentences of plain complimentary can twist our life.

Especially, when the person rejecting is close enough to wound, and the person complimenting is strange enough to kindle hope. And I personally deeply thank the latter, him/her who aim to build my confidence, who believe in me way more than I believe in myself.

The rejecting fellow, though, should know how to keep his/her nose done. My experience was a friend forgotten by everyone. I spent a lot of time trying to cheer her and make her believe. I had to call her to go out or text her first or always try to start a conversation. Now I am sick of her. I don’t care if she fails; ’cause now I see how when I gave her a hand, she pulled me down, so gradually it didn’t show. She made me feel like I was the annoying person following her around, wasting her time. The truth is all she does with her life is study excessively much it’s unhealthy, and watch tv-series. She’ll be old and fat in no long time. My other friends gave her up a long time ago. I stayed. I shouldn’t have.


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