Blame’s on You.

You and the whole world might think little brats like us are the cause of destruction but the truth is your lame, typical goals are the reason why we can’t advance as a nation. A whole generation wouldn’t have dumped real life and decided to rely on technology because the generation wants to be so… meaningless. Perhaps it’s the cause of the inspiring talks of the older generation that we’re supposed to admire. Don’t blame us for you laziness to teach us new things and how to feel comfortable in our own skin. If you haven’t made it like we can not survive with money and hard work, we wouldn’t have hated both these subjects so much to the point of excessive carelessness. Don’t blame us for your indifference when you see your 2 years old child playing with an iPad and you just sit around grateful he or she isn’t making any noise. Don’t blame us. Don’t.


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