The Moonlight Sonata

I can’t help but listen to this symphony. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, and the flourished ballrooms, the lively dances and the lingering question of does he love me or does he not. Sometimes, I like to imagine the music as a person before I go to sleep. Every tune discribes the activity of the music. Sometimes it speeds up, as if in urgent want of something. Sometimes it settles down, as if embracing sadness or peace. I can also imagine a couple dancing to this music, with the girl’s pretty ballet-yet-classic dress, and the boy’s coat and half open faded long sleeves shirt. Although many modern people think it’s lame and long, I think this piece of music is a masterpiece which deserves its own time in people’s lives. Humanity should stop for a moment and get lost in the moonlight sonata.


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